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If I had a penny for every time I’ve been asked to do a post on men’s fashion, I’d be rich. Though I must admit I’m still quite green on the subject and there is still so much to learn. For my first go at this, I decided to focus on the official aspect of men’s fashion. My debonair friend Nixon, was kind enough to help me on this one.

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IMG_4456 e

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There are a few things that I feel are essential when aiming for that snazzy look. First on my list is the fitting. Wearing oversize or baggy clothes might give off an unprofessional or sloppy look, whereas wearing overly fitting clothes is rather off-putting. I would recommend getting tailored measurements to get that bespoke fit. Secondly, is the color- coordination. Extremely bright colors like yellow or green are a no-no if you want people to take you seriously. Our pick for this shoot was different shades of blue that blended well with Nixon’s skin tone and is proper for the office, just like black, grey and other darker shades.

The blazer was my personal favorite piece of the outfit. It was out of the box combining a unique pattern, colors and outstanding specifics like the wooden buttons on the sleeve.



IMG_4443 e

Lastly, details make all the difference!!!The small eye- catching accessories take your outfit to a whole other level. We added a unique skeleton watch, suspenders and a tie clip to add that extra touch of refinement.

IMG_4461 e

IMG_4618 e

IMG_4561 e



Syrup Photography

Shirt – Shimex Men’s wear

Khaki pants – Oloo collections

Blazer – Dressed by Dice

Shoes – Bata

Tie – Gifted

Watch – Gifted

Stay Saucy 🙂




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